The new company focuses on new energy industry and exploits and develops new possible energy product market. It includes the new energy vehicles drive system, the energy-saving system, nuclear power and other various products.
We have an excellent sales team with great experiences in domestic and international trade. Furthermore, we have a close relationship with Kyong Sang Na-Do and other companies in South- Korea, Japan and companies in other countries.
Our main products are Motor, Fan, Fan Blade, Sensor, Relay, The hatchery LED, New Energy System etc. Our business includes international trade, re-export trade, the home trade, and trade in the region. We provide a service which is designing and producing product to customer’s preference in order to increase the satisfaction of the service.


  • Able to give detailed information about the product to customers
  • Maintaining customer relationship
  • By developing sales platform and through network (such as telecom, and emails) attract new customers
  • Market research
  • Participate in exhibitions and business negotiations


  • Enthusiastic character
  • Fluent in German and English, Chinese is a plus
  • Expertise in Machinery International trade preferably


  • Lunch provided

Office hours 8:30 am – 5:30 pm