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There are 100 good reasons for doing an internship in China. Here are the most important ones. The cultural exchange between China and the West is becoming more and more important. Today many companies are aware that increasing globalization requires mutual understanding, in order to simplify international cooperation. We can learn from China and equally China can learn from us. As a registered Chinese company with an explicit license for culture exchange, years of experience and an official cooperation with the City of Qingdao, you can be absolutely sure that:

  • Your invitation letter is officially issued
  • Your host-company is a successful, registered enterprise
  • Your accommodation is exactly as described
  • You will be taken care of 24/7 – every day of the year
  • You may attend our Mandarin classes to boost your Chinese skills

At Sinacon we know that besides your personal development, you will emerge yourself in a completely new culture. We realize that professional development is a key aspect of a successful internship. Therefore we have selected all our partners with great care to ensure the best learning experience possible. You will benefit from our long term experience in mediating internships for students from all over the world and from our expertise about China and it´s peculiarities.


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Since 2008 we have placed hundreds of interns from around the world in Chinese and International companies.

At Sinacon we are dedicated to organize exactly the right internship in China to prepare you for your future career.



Fill out the online application form, choose what program you would like to attend and don’t forget to attach all mandatory documents. This will ensure speedy processing.

Or submit your application to us by mail to and state your desired starting date and way of accommodation. We require following documents:

– Up-to-date English CV including photo

– Expressive letter of motivation



We carefully review your submitted documents. You will receive a confirmation mail within at most 3 working days with another detailed description of the further proceddings.



There will be 2 interviews taking place. In the intake-interview we would like to get to know you more and go over your case personally to ensure that we arrange exactly what you need. In the company-interview you will have the opportunity to talk to your internship mentor in person and to see whether the company and you are a good match.



If both parties are content and agree on the internship specifics, we will draw up an internship contract for both you and the company. If your university requires an individual contract – no problem.



At this stage we will be able to give you more information on your chosen accommodation.

Homestay: We will provide you with all contact details and the address of your host-family ahead of your arrival so you can get to know each other beforehand.

Apartment: We will send you pictures and prices of different apartments to choose from. Please be reminded that rent payment in China is commonly 3 month in advance (plus refundable deposit at arrival)

Hostel/Hotel: We recommend hostels/hotels in the area and assist you in booking rooms according to your wishes.

NEW Demi Aupair: Combine your internship with a part-time job as an Au Pair. Accommodation, meals and pocket money included. Click here for more info:

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We will now be able to provide you with the official invitation letter for your visa application in your home country. Further we will assist you with questions about international health insurances and help you to book the cheapest flights.



Our staff will go along with you at the first day of your internship to make sure you have a perfect start. With our welcome package you are ideally prepared for your stay in China. From this day on we provide 24/7 support for your questions and any matters arising.


We have served hundreds of students from around the world

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our participants have to say about us and their time in China.

“Lots of mails where send before I actually moved to China, which made me feel confident to go. Arriving in Qingdao was just a great experience; an airport pick-up was really something comfortable after a long flight. We went to the apartment directly and I felt at home and ready to start a good work placement. My stay was very comfortable with all the services they provide, when I was in trouble or I needed some information, or a translator – it could always be provided no matter what time. The team accomplished to satisfy all my needs during my six months work placement, from a good dinner to the best and cheapest way to go to other cities for travelling or visiting friends. When a problem occurred with my apartment, this was fix directly and even without any problems with the landlord. When I needed a tailor-made suit or I wanted to visit a bathhouse everything could be arranged. This shows that the connections they have, are reliable and professional.”
Mike S. - The Netherlands
“When I arrived in Qingdao the Sinacon staff picked me up from the airport. We had a really nice welcome-lunch in a Huo Guo (Hotpot) restaurant. It was my first Chinese food in China and is my favorite now. At the first days the team supported me a lot. I got really good working skills during my practice time, which will definitely be advantageous for my working life in the future. Furthermore my Chinese language skills were getting better day by day. The Chinese people were very nice and hospitable. Especially my Chinese roommate, who also made my stay comfortable and enjoyable in Qingdao. The Chinese way of working is really different than the Western companies’ way of working. Of course I needed time to integrate myself but finally I could identify myself with the work and culture. I learned a lot and was able to broaden my horizons. Thank you for everything.”
Florian T. - Germany
“In Russia we say: “There is no good marriage without a good fight.” The same is probably true for China. Not everything is easy, especially getting along with daily life and things like renting apartments and transportation in or to other cities. However, in the end it all turned out good and I will never forget the past 5 months. If you don’t speak very good Chinese you are simply lost. The 24h Hotline was a wonderful service that I made use of many times, even during the night-time (sorry guys :). Thanks for making my stay in China so smooth!”
Vladimir D. - Russia
“Coming to Qingdao for my internship and not to Shanghai or Peking was a very concious decision, which I don’t regret. Qingdao is the only city in China with historical German influence still visible today. The city offers everything you would expect from a 8 million metropolis. Nightlife, bars, clubs, culture, lots of traffic, however, is still much closer to the “real China” in comparison to the mega-cities. Here the people are friendly and the atmosphere is less stressed. Not to mention the air is better and there is a beach!”
Jens Peter S. - Germany
“I worked in the sales department of a Chinese company in Qingdao for 4.5 months and I really enjoyed it. We went to visit the factory in the countryside a couple of times and I was allowed to take part in business meeting in other parts of the province. Apart from getting a real understanding of what is the difference in the approach to business, I also got a wonderful taste of a completely new culture. In China just everything is different. The food, the people, just everything. The Sinacon team was very, very helpful during the entire time. from the airport pickup to the translation of my internship certificate from Chinese to English. Thank you, I will be back in China for sure!”
Viola. D. - France
“After I searched for a suitable internship in Shanghai for a long time, I applied at Sinacon. It was remarkable how quick they found a work placement for me. The duration of my internship totally took 5 months and I enjoyed every minute of it. The company where I worked was great, my colleagues were nice and assisted me in any way possible. Furthermore, I learned a lot about China in terms of culture, habits and the way of doing business. Also the apartment that was arranged for me was comfortable and intimate. great help and they were always willing to answer questions, they assisted me when I had to extend my visa, this service for me was worth each Euro. I would like to thank you guys for the help to make my stay a full success. I would hereby recommend Sinacon for everyone who is looking for an internship in China.”
Miko S. - Finland
“I completed my Internship in Qingdao, China. Finding a host-company for me took only about one week, making it possible for me to leave my home town after one month of preparation. I was very nervous about the fact that I will work for half a year in China. What will the host-company be like? Will I be able to deal with everyday life without being able to speak Chinese? What happens if I have to go to the doctor? Will anybody help me when I have problems? Already while getting picked up at the Airport it became obvious: The staff will be there to help when ever help is needed. From the moment I stepped on Chinese ground they assisted me with everything, arranging registrations, a gym membership, language classes and assisted me with doctor visits. Whenever the language barrier seemed overwhelming in restaurants or the haircutter, I could call the hotline for help. I experienced many exciting, new and also challenging situations during my stay in Qingdao. I definately learned a lot about China’s culture and way of doing business. Thank you very much for everything!”
Vivian K. - Germany

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