You can expect nothing less than a unique possibility to have a very rich cultural exchange and to experience the real daily life of a modern Chinese family, as well as a great opportunity to improve your Chinese. Chinese people express their (guest) friendship through the preparation of special foods, eating together and sharing meals. Your host-family will be very happy to offer you a huge variety of traditional Chinese food, teach you how to eat with chopsticks and you can in reverse make them happy by trying most of the food and let them know, what you especially liked to eat. Besides it is considered very polite not to waste food. That means it would be great, if you can make sure that your rice bowl only contains as much as you can eat. Please be aware of breakfast and dinner times of your family and let them know whether you will be home or you will eat outside. It will be seen as very respectful. Sharing meals is most important in China, so please make sure you don’t miss too many family meals. The usage of water to wash laundry and to shower is seen as precious and it will express a lot of understanding to consciously use water. If you keep in mind that Chinese people often live very healthy and go to bed a little bit earlier, it will be definitely very beneficial for your relationship. Chinese culture has always been a gift-culture. If you prepare a little present, maybe something unique from your home-country, you will surely make them very happy.